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Forum Issues, News, Announcements / routine server maintenance
« Last post by brynn on August 28, 2017, 10:32:17 AM »
Hi Friends,
The forum will be offline for 20 to 30 minutes, at most, around 6:00 GMT, one night this week. Just some routine server maintenance. Thanks for your patience.

That's around midnight in the Mountain Daylight Time Zone.  I'm not sure if I calculated the GMT correctly, but it's within an hour.  So it could be 11 pm or 1 am.  But around that time.

Thanks for your patience  :)
Community Chat and Introductions / Re: Cricut & laser cutter user
« Last post by brynn on August 26, 2017, 02:43:49 AM »
Welcome to the forum (again)!

Yes, in recent years, it seems the native software for cutting machines has improved to the point where people don't need Inkscape as much anymore.  Although I suspect that those who have already learned Inkscape will not be giving it up!  Anyway, I would say that's probably why this forum is not as active as it once was.

I would love to see this forum become more active.  Especially with CNC, there doesn't seem to be much support on the internet for it.  I'm guessing that people are finding tutorials and resources through woodcutting or other industrial type cutting forums.  Or maybe in makerspace/hackerspace or fablab type of workshops.  But it would be great to gain more members using Inkscape for those machines.  In fact, I've been itching to write tutorials for the Gcodetools extensions.  It's just that not having such a machine, or even access to one, I can only use a simulator to test the code. And I'm having a hard time finding someone who could teach me about it, at least enough to write tutorials.

It's a rather unfortunate situation with the Gcodetools.  Apparently the authors of those extensions are not available to provide support.  So it's very frustrating to me me when we get questions about it, which not only we, but I'm not sure who could answer them.  It ends up being more about the blind leading the blind.

I even sometimes have questions about managing this forum.  While I know Inkscape pretty well (I own/admin Inkscape Community, and long time member of InkscapeForum.com, and moderator and sometimes editor of Inkscape.org) I don't own any type of cutting machine.  But when the original owner of this site was ready to move on, and members expressed wanting to keep the forum open because of all the great tutorials, and I had space available, I offered to take it on.  (Although in some ways, I'm learning as I go, with admin-ing websites, haha.)

So welcome aboard, and jump right in!
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: Licensing
« Last post by brynn on August 26, 2017, 02:10:22 AM »
Welcome to the forum!

In that post, I was considering copyright and usage together.  To my understanding, based on personal research years ago, usage (or licenses) and copyright are tied together.  Although of course, they aren't the same thing.    I guess copyright defines the ownership, while licenses define how the image can be used.  Some licenses actually transfer the copyright.  But most simply address the usage, while the artist still retains ownership.   Maybe I should edit that whole message, to cover licenses, as well?  It's a difficult issue to understand, let alone explain.

To me, if there is no license provided or referenced, the image is off limits -- I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I understand that to be the legal perspective as well.  And while my understanding could be wrong, I think visitors should consider that to be the default for images on this site.  (At least until I can update my knowledge on the subject, and make a more prominent statement for the site.)

I think I would be correct in saying that the images provided in the Free Cutting Files board can be considered Public Domain.  I think that's what those artists intended, when they posted them there.  They can be used by anyone, for any purpose (but the artist is still holding the copyright, so giving credit is always nice).

Images in Showcase your Projects board (and the rest of the site) are not public domain, and cannot be used without permission (legally).  In fact, to my understanding, the topic where someone posts about their project could be used as proof of ownership, if it were needed to defend a copyright (legally).

Thanks for your questions about this.  I think I'll do some new research, and make a more prominent statement about the copyright and license for images for the whole site.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Licensing
« Last post by quantum7 on August 24, 2017, 03:34:01 PM »
I noticed that many people post designs without specifying a license. Does this site have a default license for work posted? For instance, can material in the 'Free Cutting Files' be considered public domain? What about in 'Showcase your Projects'?

Apologies if I missed an obvious message somewhere. The only relevant post I found was brynn's about copyright which states the self-evident fact that creators retain copyright, but doesn't address terms of usage.
Community Chat and Introductions / Cricut & laser cutter user
« Last post by quantum7 on August 24, 2017, 03:22:34 PM »
Hello! I've been looking for a place to discuss vector designs for cutting. This forum doesn't seem to be particularly active nowadays, but perhaps I can start some discussions.

I consider myself an intermediate to advanced Inkscape user, and it is my primary tool for vector design. I have a Cricut Explorer, so some of my designs integrate cutting, pen designs, and printable raster images. I also have access to a laser cutter, so I've done some CNC designs (cutting + raster etching).
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Newbie struggling
« Last post by brynn on August 15, 2017, 02:14:04 PM »
Hhm, could you explain what you mean about them being different types of images?  Does the machine show you a preview?  If so, can the machine make a screenshot of its display, so that you can show it to us?  Somehow or other, we need to understand the problem, before we can answer.

Also, please provide the SVG file.

Is the image you showed (finalblack.png) an exported PNG from Inkscape?  Is that showing before or after using Trace Bitmap?  If after, you probably still have a lot of work to do, before it's ready for the machine.  I can't tell for sure what needs to be done, from looking at the PNG.  I need to see the SVG file, to be sure.

But if that's the trace result, obviously you'll want to delete the rectangles around the little people, right?  Or do you want to etch the rectangles into the slate?  They look too tall and skinny, actually.  I wonder if something happened to take them out of proportion.  Or is that how they are supposed to be?  You'd probably want to make equal spaces between them, I guess.  Can you really etch that much detail into slate?  It seems like those tiny details would be easy chip out.

The numbers appear to be made of straight segments.  Is that on purpose?  Also, I guess they need to be centered?

Actually I wrote a tutorial for this.  It's written more for people who have made their own hand sketch, which they scan into their computer.  But it works for nice clean line images like you showed too.  It doesn't cover everything which it appears you need to do.  But it will get you started, and we can still answer questions, if you can't figure something out.

Help Using Inkscape / Re: Newbie struggling
« Last post by pinkpanther1 on August 15, 2017, 11:28:11 AM »
i want to engrave this on slate but it doesn't transfer over correctly
its like they are all different types of images or something
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Newbie struggling
« Last post by brynn on August 13, 2017, 02:57:11 PM »
my bed is 500 x 300 so i can fit 15on at once it i can do it ?

Yes, that sounds possible.  Did you see the link I gave for a tutorial for making a template?

I don't understand your question  about your last message.  (I realize it went immediately into moderation, and that you might not realize, if it's not what you meant to post.) (Btw, you're finished with moderation, and from now, all your messages will post immediately.)

So what simple thing is it, that you can't do?
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Newbie struggling
« Last post by pinkpanther1 on August 13, 2017, 01:46:00 PM »
this is the simple thing i can't do :(
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Newbie struggling
« Last post by pinkpanther1 on August 13, 2017, 01:43:58 PM »
yes door number signs and coasters etc
I want a template so it is multiple up especially for the coasters 100mm x 100 mm
my bed is 500 x 300 so i can fit 15on at once it i can do it ?
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