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When you convert text are you using Object to path or Union?

Hello HeatherM. I tried both, but the lines still appeared. Thank you for the suggestion.

I was trying other options to solve the problem and I found Cenon (http://www.cenon.info/), and with this software I was able to generate a dxf file that does not create lines when imported to SmartCarve. Maybe someone with enough knowledge can compare the code of the files created in Inkscape with the code from Cenon and find an explanation to the issue:

When you convert text are you using Object to path or Union?  At least on older versions of Inkscape if you used Object to path on text it would have each letter as a separate Path and then Group it together.  I think I read that Smartcarve doesn't like Groups, so check for Groups in your svg.  If you use Union instead it will convert the text into one Path with no Group. 
Thank you all.

I was able to produce less tiny paths, that helps a lot.

But there are designs that have small details, so they are unavoidable. Also, when text is converted to paths, I get many lines from it.

I will keep looking for a solution and update this post.

thanks again...
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Single vector from Tracing?
« Last post by HeatherM on March 08, 2018, 09:10:46 AM »
The only three options that I can think of are:
1.  Use the Bezier tool and manually draw the lines.
2.  Use the paint bucket tool and end up with closed shapes inside the lines.  Still will effectively end up with double lines in some cases like most coloring book pages/clip art.
3.  Trace the image, Break apart, then delete any extra lines.

Which one to use would depend on the image and your end goal.
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Single vector from Tracing?
« Last post by brynn on March 07, 2018, 08:42:26 PM »
No, nothing so quick or easy. UnfortunatelyI I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment.  But If no on else has chimed in by the time I have some sleep, I'll postf a couple of ideas for getting rid of one of the lines
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Single vector from Tracing?
« Last post by Bayviewboom on March 06, 2018, 02:34:00 AM »
Is there any option to turn one edge off?
Help Using Inkscape / Re: Single vector from Tracing?
« Last post by brynn on March 06, 2018, 02:07:22 AM »
Welcome to the forum!

No, any auto-trace engine will put out 2 paths -- the inner edge of the line, and the outer edge
Help Using Inkscape / Single vector from Tracing?
« Last post by Bayviewboom on March 05, 2018, 11:26:23 PM »

Question from a total noob about


I'm wondering if Brightness Cutoff or edge detection, stroke no fill, outputs a single vector, rather than a thick line.

No worries about delays.  This bulletin board style format is made to accomodate real life distractions!  We'll still be here, whenever you get here :)

Anyway, regarding those very small paths -- you don't really want to etch those do you?  ....Or else wouldn't they end up being sort of islands in the etching?

So even if you can change some settings in the cutter software, so that the radial type paths are not created....I still wonder if you really want those tiny paths to be in the drawing.

I think the tiny paths are a result of the quality of the raster image, combined with the Threshold level you used (I'm guessing probably you used the default level).  Maybe it's been photocopied once too often, or maybe it's just not a clean copy?  But at the Threshold level you used, Inkscape "saw" something which caused it to think there is some kind of tiny shapes there.  (And then the cutter software misinterpretted them.)  But I'm thinking you probably don't want them.

Although of course, you have the final decisions!
Are all these extra lines connected to areas where there are tiny circular or elliptical sub-paths, which are squeezed in between the inner and outer paths?  I think they are....  And in the area of the wheels, I think Trace Bitmap is not even picking up whole circles, for some of this thinner lines.  So it's not even a solid line there, and instead, is made of part lines, part dots.

A lot of those can probably be eliminated by adjusting the Threshold for the single scan options.  And as we mentioned before, multiple scan option would not be needed for this particular drawing. I think the Threshold number will need to be larger, but I can't remember for sure.

Yes, adjust the threshold higher to prevent all of those little stray bits.  I only use the Brightness cutoff to trace and I think I usually set the threshold around 0.8.  It depends to some extent on the image (color and noise).
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