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The Future of this Forum:

The Inkscape Project opened its first official forum on its website this month (August 2019). https://inkscape.org/forums/ In an effort to combine all the different forums into one, this forum will no longer be accepting new members or new messages. However, it will remain open for a little while, for existing members, to have access to their contents, if they need them.

Any potential new members should register on the new forum, and post their message there. There is a special board for questions about using Inkscape for cutting machines (of all kinds). (https://inkscape.org/forums/cutplot/)

If you have any questions or comments (and you're an existing member) you can post them here.

Although I've been planning to put this forum in read-only mode, at the time of this transition, unfortunately, my personal circumstances have changed, and I won't be able to host this forum much longer. I'm not sure about the time frame. It could be as soon as the end of 2019, or as long as a year from now. If anyone is interested in taking it over, please contact me.

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Author Topic: Tips for Returning Members  (Read 3452 times)

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Tips for Returning Members
« on: September 07, 2015, 01:45:02 PM »
Hi Friends,
I thought I'd try to make a collection of tips and info, to hopefully help you get used to the new forum, and find your way.
  • One of the first things you'll probably notice is that all the messages that you've already read, from the old forum, are indicated as new messages.  And so it looks like the forum is full of unread messages, even though you've probably already read them.  Here's what you can do about that:

    Click the "Mark All Messages As Read" button.  It's a light green button with dark green text.  It's at the end of the list of boards, between the last board (History) and the Info Center (which is where you can see all the statistics, Who's Online, etc.) and it's on the right side.

    After you click that, the next time you come to visit, it will be very obvious which messages are new (assuming there are any new ones - so far, not very many new ones, except for mine).

    Or another way.  At the very top of the Home page are 2 text links.  One of them is:  "Show unread posts since last visit".  Personally, I prefer to use the "Mark all messages as read" button.  But you can choose whichever you prefer.

  • Look at the messages in this board (Forum Issues, News, Announcements).  Also, this board is where you can post any questions, comments or feedback about the forum.

  • If you don't like the default color theme, I've installed 10 more themes which you can choose from.  You can change the theme from 2 different places.  One is in your profile.  Click the "Profile" link in the main navigation bar at the top of the boards, then  Modify Profile > Look and Layout.  The theme changer is at the very top of that page.

    The other place you can change is it in the left column of the index page (front page) in the block called "Theme Changer".

    Note that most smiley artists don't take the time to make their smileys look good on dark themes.  (I don't know why, it shouldn't take any extra time....maybe they just don't know how....I'm not sure....)  Anyway, just so you know, if you choose a darker theme, the smileys don't always look very nice.

  • If you don't want to see some of the blocks in the left and right columns on the index page, you can hide them.  In the titlebar for each block, click on the button shown in the red circle in this screenshot.  To hide the whole colums, click the tiny minus sign buttons (shown in the green circles).

  • Notice "Inkscape Tutorials" link in the top navigation menu (between the boards and the forum name).  This is a new feature here.  You can write tutorials that show up as separate articles, instead of having tutorials in forum messages.  I brought some over from my other Inkscape forum that I thought would be helpful here.

    If anyone is interested in writing new tutorials, let me know, and I'll set it up so that you can.  (At the moment, only I can write them.  I'm just not sure if anyone is interested in writing new ones anymore.)

  • The "Help" link, in that same navigation menu, is where you can look up instructions for how to use the forum.  Although please feel free to just post your own message.  That info is mostly there to help if no one is around to answer your message.

  • ALL messages  (every single one) look like they have been edited.  The messages saying they were edited on December 31,1969, are just a bizarre glitch from the conversion.  Of course, I'm not even sure if the internet existed in 1969, lol!!

    All the others show as being edited by me.  There were several other glitches that had to be fixed (some giant text, for example, and some leftover codes) that I had to fix.

    None of that needs to be worried about.  You can just ignore it :)

  • There were some other glitches here and there, for example, in members' forum signatures.  I've fixed all the problems I've seen, but I may not have seen every single signature.  So check your signature, to make sure it shows as you like.  You can edit it from your profile, either if it's necessary, or you just want to.  Look for the "Profile" link in the main navigation menu along the top of the boards.

    If you see any others that I missed, let me know  :)

  • A lot of the attachments from the old forum look really, really big, here in this forum.  Not much can be done about that.  If you have to, you can use your browser's zoom tool to zoom out.

  • And finally, it's now time to start setting up links to bring in traffic and search engines and all that.  For those of you who have websites or blogs, you might want to make sure your links to ICD are current and working. 

    Any links to the front page should still be good.  But if you made links directly to a specific topic or message (or maybe to your profile), that might need to be fixed.  If you're not sure how, just send me a PM and I can help (don't delete you old links - they contain the key to fixing them).

    Try to think of ways where you can make more links.  For example, if you're a member in any forums or websites that might be related to Inkscape, vector graphics, or cutting/plotting, consider putting a link to ICD in your signature and/or profile.   Or maybe even post a message with a link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post.  Either reply here, or start a new topic  :)
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