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Oh yes,  that does seem weird the Illustrator can open DXF but not save as DXF.  I couldn't guess about a reason or a solution.

Yes, I'm afraid you'll need to register at that forum.  They aren't connected in the way where a member of one is a member of the other.  I only adopted this forum some years after it was started, and when it was about to be closed.  It's all but dead now, and I'm planning to put it into read-only mode soon, and to divert the traffic to the other forum.
I tried to login to the link you sent, but it didn't recognize my user name.  Do you need a different name/password for each forum on Inkscape?

Yes, the smudges were squiggles, each one with a point.  I enlarged it enough that I could delete the points and smooth out the lines.

I don't remember exactly why I started using Inkscape, because it has been awhile!  I think it was because I went to AD since Illustrator wasn't working because of a Javascript issue.  It is CS6, can't afford Adobe Creative Cloud.  I was able to resolve the Javascript issue and Illustrator is now working fine.  I can save files in Illustrator as SVG but not DXF.  What was weird is that Illustrator opened the DXF, but I couldn't save it as a DXF file.
Ok, first for the error message.  I have seen that one before.  But I notice that it says it "may" cause a problem.  So I go ahead and save it anyway, and so far, I've never seen a problem in a file.  So there's a chance the file is just fine.

Next, for the problem you noticed in Silhouette.  That sounds like something which appears to be a bug in Silhouette.  Here's a message about it (in the other forum), where a few people are reporting the problem, and finally at the end, someone has identified it as a bug, and suggests reverting to the previous version, where they don't see that problem.  https://forum.inkscapecommunity.com/index.php?topic=1278.0 

I'm not positive the smudges you report is the same thing.  But if you zoom into a smudge and find that it looks like a bunch of tiny scribbles, then it probably is that problem.

Oh, sorry for assuming you would know what a signature is.  The signature is what appears at the bottom of every message someone posts.  (Some people makes signatures and some don't.)  It does appear in profiles (mine has a bunch of red text in it), but just for convenience, here's the link directly to the forum.  https://forum.inkscapecommunity.com/index.php?action=forum  (The link in the signature goes to the home page, which is not the same page as the forum.  You can navigate through the site using the horizontal menu bar - they look like tabs, sort of like tabs on folders, I guess.) (Well, just like browser tabs actually, except they're on the webpage.)

I still think it would be interesting, if nothing else, to find out why that SVG file won't open in Inkscape.  But if someone knows the source of the code which is causing the problem, we might find a way that you could avoid it in future files.

Hhmm, now that I think of it....if you have access to Illustrator, why do you use Inkscape?  It seems like Illustrator should be able to export DXF or PLT.  I mean, we're totally happy to help, I'm just curious.  I'll watch for you over on the other forum :)
Well, I went to Affinity Designer as I did in the past, opened the file, exported it to SVG and got the same message.  Hope it attaches this time.  Then it showed as a DXF file in my folder.  So I clicked it and it opened in ILLUSTRATOR! However, when I then opened it in Silhouette there were little smudges along some of the lines, that I tried to erase, but then ended up erasing part of the line, so I gave up. I am new to forums so I couldn't figure out what you meant by signature, I looked at your profile and didn't see the other forum there, but I would gladly post this problem in another forum.
You're welcome.

Inkscape can open Illustrator files too.  I don't know exactly why it doesn't want to open these.  But if you're interested, I would suggest to post in the other forum I run.  There are more people there who could look at the file and figure out what the problem is.  It might be a bug in Inkscape which needs to be fixed.

But it's up to you.  There's a link to the other forum in my signature, if you want to post there.  But if you're happy with AD, then I'm happy  :)
Illustrator has been my go to design program, but after you said that I realized the two files that did save as DXF were edited in the Affinity Designer app.  That program will open Illustrator files, so that is the workaround I will have to use.  Thank you for your help!
Welcome to the forum!

It doesn't look like the error message was attached.  Hhmm....I don't get any error message.  But when I try to save that as DXF, Inkscape just freezes.

I do see something odd in the file, and I'm not sure what it means.  Hhmm....but getting rid of it doesn't make the file save.

Can you share a file that does save properly as DXF?  It would give me something to compare with this one.

Oh, I see something else now.  It looks like this file might have been made in Adobe Illustrator, or at least was once edited there.  There's some code in the XML which I'm guessing Inkscape doesn't know how to handle.

Ok, so I tried to save it as SVG in Inkscape (hoping that would eliminate the Illustrator code), and once again, Inkscape just froze.  When I opened my file manager, it identifies it as an invalid SVG file.  I would guess the Illustrator-related code in it is the problem.  Let's see if I can take out that code, maybe that would work.....

Yes, that works.  But I don't know if you'd want to go to all this trouble, to edit the file in a text editor.  I think you might have just gotten your hands on a bad file.  Do you have a lot that won't save properly, or is it just this one?
I saved two SVG files as DXF files.  Both transferred perfectly to my Silhouette.  About 6 hours later I went back to save some more SVG files as DXF files and I got the attached message.  I also tried saving it as a PLT and got the same message.  I am working on a Macbook Pro with Macos High Sierra 10.13.6 and I am using Inkscape .92.  I am also attaching one of the SVG files that would not safe as a DXF
Ah, well fortunately, since adding a node will fix the problem, it makes the XML irrelevant.

Honestly, I got a bit lost in your discussion about using Windows for testing.  But the Inkscape project is lucky to have users like you, who can help to sort out these things!
Oh wow. I hadn't noticed that Union added a node. And sure enough -- adding a node but not applying Union also allowed it to upload to Design Space correctly. Bizarre!

Honestly, I don't even want to look at the XML. I deal with XML enough when I'm doing php stuff. I have less than zero desire to deal with it for graphics stuff.

I'll hop over & report this to Inkscape tomorrow. I do think it's an Inkscape bug, not a Design Space bug. Since the Windows version can flip an object and upload to Design Space correctly, that suggests to me that the problem is with the Mac version of Inkscape. But of course the Inkscape developers can determine for sure what's going on. I'm just glad I found a way to accomplish what I need to.

Thanks for helping me investigate this mysterious problem.
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