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It is beginning to feel like Laurianne and I are the only ones posting here any more but I can see "visitors" still come by :(

 I am gonna keep posting in hopes that we can get this forum back up and running before it goes away.

I've posted a template for a greeting card on my blog for free along with some pics of what I did with it.  If you use it I'd sure like to see how you decorated it.  I did a couple of them to see what they might look like.

This is the direct link to the post. ... plate.html

I hope to see some of your work using the template or anything else you do!

Aussie Carolyn:
Looks great. I will head over to your blog later to read the post.

Believe it or not I will be posting project photos by the weekend. I am setting my Zing up on Thursday to start cutting. Well, not quite true, I am setting up for my son who has never cut before. He has been busy designing the last week and hopes to put the designs on t-shirts and his car. After a year long break from cutting, I have found helping Carl with his designs has made me want to start a few projects. Susan, a few of the projects I have in mind are ones you have showcased over the last year on your blog.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.  I haven't had time to do any cutting for ages but hope to be able to get back to it soon.

Susan, Your card is beautiful! It's so good to see a little activity here once in awhile. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to get people engaged, but at least it's nice to catch you and Carolyn here once in awhile.

Carolyn, I will be anxious to see how you like the Zing. I like mine, but have some trouble with long cuts. Maybe you can give me some advice along the way.


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