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I wasn't quite sure How I want to handle my creations any more. I post them on my blog and I don't have more than 10 comments over a 6 month period. I love to share, and I LOVE to do, and I would just like a little of the share part back leave your link so I can see or anything really, Just let me know you were there. OK I will quit wining and get on with the sharing part.

I am real proud of this one it tickles my fancy alot. I know the design is good but if you have any suggestions about the build that I should change or do differently PLEASE speak  up

Aussie Carolyn:
Wow, very pretty. You will be teaching us soon. I sure wish I had time today to cut this box out.

As to the lack of comments on a blog, I think most of use have felt the same at some stage. I think it is just good manners to say thank you if you download anything from a site. As people are anonymous on the internet I think many think it is acceptable to forget their manners. I stopped blogging as a few people copied my tutorials and posted them as their own and didn't even bother to leave a comment. Yes, this is my pet peeve. Most of us are not seeking praise but acknowledgement would be nice. Okay, I will get of my soap box now.

Lovely Box.

Butterfly, I'm with you.  I can have 200 or so downloads of one file and get 2 or 3 thank yous including CraftCrave who posts me on their site.

I don't understand it either.  

Your box looks great in the picture.

So I posted a picture of my box on my facebook page there a few relatives who are really interested most of the time in what I am doing. So i get a call from my daughter this morning and she is raving about it, I tell her I'll make you a couple, and get this she says,...."Well Mom I love your design but can Dad make me a box out of wood with it?" That man can't use a scroll saw, I know I have watched him try being afraid of the way he was going at it he was gonna burn it up for me, Let alone what he does to blades.

So I decided to just go cover up with a ream of paper and use a roll of vinyl for a pillow and take a nice long nap


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