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Pink Flower and Mat Cards

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Sorry, I don't know the name of this flower.  Perhaps someone would enlighten me.  It may not even come as a pink variety :lol: . 

Flower vector file by courtesy of

Aussie Carolyn:
Oooh! more flower cards, thank you once again.
I think it will now be possible to add svg, ai, gsd, pdf files without having to zip them.
Then again, I am not having much luck with the admin panel. Give me Inkscape any day.

You're welcome Carolyn.  It is pay back time.  I found your videos really useful when I was struggling to understand Inkscape.   Now I have my head in gear I just love it!

Thanks, this one and the others you've posted are so pretty.  This may be a hibiscus I think.

It looks like a hibiscus except the stamen is different.  It doesn't matter I think it is lovely.


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