• June 26, 2019, 10:42:36 AM
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The Future of this Forum:

The Inkscape Project will open its first official forum, on the Inkscape website, this August (2019). (Address/link will be provided at that time.) When that happens, new registrations will no longer be allowed in this forum and Inkscape support will be provided in the new forum. This forum will still be open for a while, so that existing topics can be finished, and existing users can have access to their contents. But all potential new members should register on the Inkscape website, and post their questions in the new forum, starting in August. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them here.

Since there haven't been any new messages for so long, and no one has ever replied to this message of mine I'm considering closing this forum entirely, in approx 6 months. If anyone has any comments about that, please feel free to post them.

-- brynn

Help: Smileys

Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
wink1 :wink1: :wink1:
thumbs down :tdown: :tdown:
clap1 :clap1: :clap1:
head above :help2: :help2:
idea2 :idea2: :idea2:
uh-oh! :uhoh: :uhoh:
rtfm :rtfm: :rtfm:
argh :argh: :argh:
bow1 :bow1: :bow1:
rose :rose: :rose:
help :help: :help:
wave :wave: :wave:
buddies :buds: :buds:
Node tool :node: :node:
Zoom tool :zoom: :zoom:
lol :lol: :lol:
huh? :???: :???:
hmm :hmm: :hmm:
FYI! :fyi: :fyi:
Duh! :duh: :duh:
no2 :no2: :no2:
thumbs up :tup: :tup:
nod :nod: :nod:
off topic :ot1: :ot1:
end off topic :ot2: :ot2:
2 thumbs up :2tu: :2tu:
Yay! :yay: :yay:
thanks1 :ty1: :ty1:
cross fingers :xf1: :xf1:
beg/please :beg: :beg:
please-please :xf2: :xf2:
Selection tool :sel: :sel:
Tweak tool :twk: :twk:
roll eyes :@@: :@@:
yikes2 :f5: :f5:
hit head :hh: :hh:
bonk head :b1: :b1:
Who me? :wm: :wm:
happy dance :hd: :hd:
You rock! :ur: :ur:
Thanks! :th: :th:
welcome1 :w1: :w1:
angry >:( >:(
cool B-) B-)
cheesy1 :-) :-)
blush :-$ :-$
very sad :-( :-(
unsure / dunno :-S :-S
unsure :-| :-|
devil grin >-D >-D
tease1 :-P :-P
innocent 0:) 0:)
big Q :?: :?:
! :!: :!:
laugh :D :D
smile1 :) :)
sad :( :(
Measurement tool :meas: :meas:
Rectangle tool :rect: :rect:
3D Box tool :3db: :3db:
Ellipse tool :et: :et:
Star tool :star: :star:
Spiral tool :spir: :spir:
Pencil / Freehand tool :pfh: :pfh:
Pen / Bezier tool :pen: :pen:
Calligraphy tool :ct: :ct:
Text tool :text: :text:
Spray tool :spr: :spr:
Eraser tool :era: :era:
Fill Bounded/Paint Bucket :fba: :fba:
Gradient tool :grad: :grad:
Dropper tool :drop: :drop:
Connector tool :con: :con:
locked icon :lck: :lck:
unlocked icon :unl: :unl:
visible icon :vis: :vis:
hidden icon :hid: :hid:
duplicate icon :dup: :dup:
clone icon :cl: :cl:
unlink (unclone) icon :ucl: :ucl:
ungroup icon :ung: :ung:
group icon :gr: :gr:
Fill and Stroke dialog icon :fsd: :fsd:
Text and Font dialog icon "tnf" "tnf"
Layers dialog icon :lay: :lay:
XML Editor icon :xml: :xml:
Align/Distribute dialog icon :and: :and:
Document Properties icon :dp: :dp:
Inkscape Preferences icon :pref: :pref: