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Title: Hello Everyone
Post by: Inkspots on December 06, 2012, 12:27:50 AM
Hello everyone,
I've visited this forum many times looking for information about using Inkscape with cutting machines like Cricut, Graphtec, Blackcat and robocut, etc. for other Inkscape users, and have found a wealth of information for them here. Trouble is...I dont own a cutter and never really felt I had anything to contribute, so I haven't posted here before. If you've seen me in the Inkscape forum you may have noticed that I tend to reccomend this forum to people with cutting questions whenever I can, thats how helpful I've found The Inkscapecuttingdesigns forum. Naturally my visits here, while trying to find info for other Inkscape Users got me started thinking about how much fun it would be Creating cutter/cut-and-print designs. It was inevitable I suppose...I couldnt resist exposure to so many fun, creative, and beautful projects..I want to play!  I've now made several designs...greeting cards and decorations, 3d sculptures (sort-of anyway) and miniatures. I have no way to test them though, to figure out what works and what doesn't. My printer isnt working right now, so I cant even print them and cut by hand to test assembly and be certain things fit together correctly.

Where can I post uncompleted designs to get feedback and show the progress of the design, hopefully getting them working well enough to share?

What is the best way to organize a cut-and-print file? Should cut lines be on a different layer from printed elements? What is the best place to find that information?

I want to thank you all for the fun, inspiration, and information I've found here over the past year or so. Thanks everyone, I hope I can contribute a bit to.
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on December 06, 2012, 12:45:07 AM
Welcome Inkspots, Sounds like you have been very busy. Feel free to join in any topic and comment at any time, owning a cutter is not essential. We just like people to know this forum has tutorials that often differ to how a graphic designer would create the same project.

If you want feedback on projects the best place to post may be Showcase Your Projects viewforum.php?f=26 ( Or better still I could add a new section so anyone can add projects and ask for help or get feedback. I know I have a few that need help from the experienced card makers. I will try find my password and add the new section tonight.

As to the Print and Cut question it depends on the program being used for cutting. I know Sign Cut crashes if an image is present and layers are the preferred method. Hopefully owners of different programs will add what works best for them. I now cut via MTC but I haven't tried a Print and Cut for ages. I am happy to test out any files as I own just about every program even though I don't own all the machines.
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on December 06, 2012, 12:56:52 AM
I'm back already. A new section has been added viewforum.php?f=50 ( We can all use it to discuss projects and ask for advice.

I noticed you use Font forge. Is it for Linux based systems only?
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Inkspots on December 06, 2012, 04:36:04 AM
Hi Carolyn,
 I'm getting some examples together to post and ask for feedback, but it's late/early so I'll have to post them the next time I stop by. I saw the new thread (or subforum?) even before I got back here to see your reply. Hurray! Thanks so much for that.

I've been working on a Christmas Cottage design all day, and the time has just flown by. Seems like I just finished cooking supper and returned to it a few minutes ago, but it's early morning already! I hate to stop working while inspiration is strong, but you know...after a while your vision kind of blurs and you get thirsty, or hungry, so you stop for a second and realize your exhausted. ( o.k. thats what I do...but maybe it's just me.) Thought I'd take a break and peek in on the forum before I go to get that drink and maybe sleep an hour or two.

Just read your post today, about getting dotted lines to work like they are supposed to in a cutting file.
I tried the method described in the post..but in node editing view the dotted lines are still defined like they would be if I'd done path>stroke-to-path
on the dotted line. I'll ask my questions about that in the other thread when I can post a link to one of the files I'm working on, so expect something
tomorrow, or when inspiration winds down enough to let me leave my project for a while.

About Font Forge:  You can install FontForge on windows and Mac to, but I've never used it on anything but Linux. The install process on windows might be very complicated, now that the developers have stopped creating a windows specific install package. For an easier installation you might want to begin your Font work by trying something specifically designed for windows platforms. Here is a link to a packaged FontForge Windows installer and information that might help if you want to try FontForge first: http://

Yes, I definately have some files for you to try!
I Think I'll Organize a separate file for the first paperdoll from the Christmas cottage tomorrow and upload it to test. That would be a small project and we can get an Idea what needs fixing in the rest of the Cottage from that. Expect things to be pretty messy until I figure out what works and what doesn't.
Whats a good page size?
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: HeatherM on December 06, 2012, 08:14:17 AM
Hi Inkspots and welcome!
I think Print and Cut really depends on the program you're using to cut.  Carolyn said that one program will crash if there is an image, but SCAL3/eCAL are best if the image is embedded in the svg.  Layers are optional.  SCAL really doesn't care if a file has layers, but each path will import in its own layer.  I would probably just design however works best for you and then individuals can make it work for their program.   :D

ETA:  Are you Brynn on the Inkscape forum?
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Inkspots on December 08, 2012, 02:07:03 AM
Hi Heather  :)
No, I'm Inkspots in the inkscape forum to. I have been offline for a while and havent posted there recently, but I may post something small there soon.
You might have seen the forum discussion between Brynn and I on making paper lace with inkscape. that was at the beginning of my "designing for cutters looks like so much fun...let's give it a try!" thing.
We have different goals in creating our lace..but werent her designs and techniques fascinating? She is fantastically creative, and talented. There are lots of very talented people in the Inkscape forum, and they post some really beautiful work. oh...but I'd better not get started going on about people over there who do amazing things with Inkscape. We dont have all night, and there are creative, imaginative, and gifted people right here in this forum we could be talking about instead.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here a bit, and am on my way to explore the forum topics and gallery right now.