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Title: Text Flow Around Object
Post by: PapaSue on March 18, 2015, 10:30:41 AM
I've worked on this and finally have what I want but I know there must be a more straight forward way to do it.  I asked Carolyn to figure it out and do a video since I can't remember from one step to the next how I did it :)

I'm putting it on a t-shirt as an iron-on transfer.

Anyone up to doing a tut so in a month or so when I want another one I have the instructions?  I'd be happy to send all the files to you as an incentive. :)
Title: Re: Text Flow Around Object
Post by: brynn on August 27, 2015, 12:04:25 PM
I know this post is a bit dated.  But I enjoy writing tutorials.  I don't do videos, but I could write one.  I might even have an extra tip or 2 to add.  Although it might be a month or 2 before I have time.

I can probably get everything I need from the SVG file, except the font.  If you want that specific font in the tutorial, you'll have to tell me where I can get it for free.  I don't have many nice script type fonts.  I've never heard of sending someone a font file, but it seems like it would work.  Although I don't know if the Mac to Windows thing would be a problem??  You could probably attache it here, in a ZIP file.

Also, I have a couple of questions.  What do you mean by "blackout image"?  And what's the shadow in the rectangle about?

By the way, did you put it on the front or the back of the t-shirt?
Title: Re: Text Flow Around Object
Post by: PapaSue on September 07, 2015, 10:17:51 AM
Hi Brinn, sorry I'm late with this reply....I'm still figuring out how to navigate the new site.  Is there a way to set the default view to have just all new posts be the default.  I don't need to go to all the various topics I just want to see a list of posts and comments in date order.  anyhoo just my opinion.

About the tut for text flow into frame.  I do not think the font matters, users choice works just fine.
The important steps really are::

*do you type text as one long string of text, or centered, or block.  I got different results with each.
*how you can edit the shape and flow by manipulating the rectangle
*how to edit the text if the flow doesn't fit the letters how you like them, or fix a typo, etc.
*how to get the new design set

You will see all of this as you play with the feature, lots of flexibility before you release.
Yes, I did make a copy of the image and created a shadow of it and used that to "punch" the hole in the rectangle for the text to wrap around.

Sorry if I am not being clear but at 74 my brain does not always connect the dots properly anymore  :(  Feel free to ask any questions about the steps or options and I'll do my best.  The designs I did were well received when I made magnets with them.

OH, I put the design on the front of the shirt as I prefer it there as I think most women do, men like it either way :hd:

Thanks again for all you are doing for the forum.
Title: Re: Text Flow Around Object
Post by: brynn on September 07, 2015, 12:37:16 PM
Hi Susan,
To make the forum so that it only shows new messages:

After you finish looking at all the messages you want to look at, and when you're just about to leave the forum until next time, click the "Mark All Messages as Read" button.  It's at the bottom of the list of boards, on the right side, and between the last board and the Info Center (where all the stats, and who's online, etc. are)  (A light green button, kind of a short bar maybe, with dark green text.)

Then the next time you visit, you'll easily be able to notice which messages are new.  (Unless there aren't any new ones, which so far, there haven't been many.)

I thought about making a topic with some tips like that, for returning members, but I got distracted.  Maybe I"ll do that now  :)
edit - here (

I'll work on that tutorial.

Have you noticed the "Inkscape Tutorials" link in the navigation area (along top of boards, and under the forum name).  They're some tutorials I wrote for my other forum, that I thought would be helpful here.  This is a new feature here.  So instead of writing tutorials in a message, they end up being like separate articles.