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Title: New changes coming
Post by: brynn on July 26, 2015, 09:09:12 PM
Hi Friends,
As you may be already aware (http:// this website was going to close next month, if a new owner couldn't be found.  I'm brynn (pronounced brin) and I'll be trying to save the contents of this forum.  Carolyn has already given me ownership informally, although we're still in the process of making it final.

I sent out a mass email, explaining some of the changes that are coming, to members, and I'm posting this message for those who might not be members, but who still follow the site ("lurkers").  Sorry for doing it at the last minute, but it's "now or never", as they say.

Starting on Monday and/or Tuesday, July 27 and 28, 2015, (tomorrow for the western hemisphere, later today for eastern) you can expect the forum to be offline, for anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  It's more likely to be a few hours.  During this time the forum will be moved to a different server.  After the process is finished, you will probably NOT notice any changes (although I think you will have to log in again).  It will still be phpBB brand of forum software, and the address will still be (  So you don't have to change any links or bookmarks or favorites.

The next step, however, will create a lot of noticeable changes.  Because I'm more familiar with the SMF brand of forum software (Simple Machines Forum) we'll be converting this phpBB forum to an SMF forum, to make it easier for me to manage.  If you're not familiar with SMF type of forums, you can visit my Inkscape forum called Inkscape Community (http:// (IC), and click the Forum tab.  (Note that the blue color is just the theme I'm using there.  I'll try to find a nice light green theme for the new ICD home, like it is now.) (although it might be light or pale blue for up to a few days)  This change will not just effect how ICD looks, but in some ways, will change how it works.

I don't have a definite date for this 2nd step, but it will occur sometime over the next week or two, after the first step.  I'll post another message when we're ready to do it.

And don't worry!  Even though it will look different, and in some ways, work differently, it will contain all the same content that it does now!  

The only possible exception is the ICD gallery.  I've been so busy researching, and getting set up for moving the forum, that I haven't had a chance to look into whether the ICD gallery can be imported, or merged in the IC gallery (http://  My guess is probably it can.  But whether it can or not, there's a good chance we will have reached the deadline by the time we finish moving the forum.  And I'd have to pay for a whole year of service, just to save the gallery for another week or 2.

However, whether the ICD gallery is lost or not, I'll still set up some albums in the IC gallery (http:// for cutting and/or craft projects using Inkscape.  So you can re-upload your images, and even upload more!

Now, there's a possible last step for this, but it's not likely to happen in anytime soon, or maybe even ever.  When I first joined the discussion about saving some of the content of the site, that's all it was - saving some of the content.  Running a whole new forum alone is more than I have the energy for, and I don't even own a cutter.  As an Inkscape user though, I recognize the value of the forum, and especially the tutorials, so I can easily save that much.

So considering to keep the whole forum, I can easily handle the administrative duties, alongside my own forum.  But making the posts and adding new content to the site, and building the community will be beyond my abilities alone, mostly because I'm just not very familiar with that part.  So if the site can be revived, it will depend on old members and new members participating.  

I don't think ICD ever has been "publicized" or "advertised", so after the dust from the move has settled, I'll post a message about how we can all help to do that.  The more traffic we get, the more the community will grow.  While the use of Inkscape with home/craft cutters may be declining (because manufacturers are putting better software with their product), I think the use of Inkscape for more "industrial" uses, such as CNC, laser and vinyl cutters, etc, is at least going strong (maybe growing, I don't really know).

So anyway, if the community can grow and remain robust, we can keep the whole forum.  But if it looks like, after a few years, that it's just not going to grow, I may drasitically pare down the site, and just save the tutorials.  If that happens, I may merge those 3 boards into my site, and the domain ICD will be closed.  The tutorials only would be saved, but not on the ICD address.

But, let's hope we can build and grow and create another great resource for the Inkscape community!

All best,
Title: Re: New changes coming
Post by: brynn on July 28, 2015, 05:54:45 PM
Hi again,
I've been having some trouble transferring the domain.  It's a long story.  But anyway, I'll try to inform when we're about to start the move.  Maybe tomorrow.....