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Title: Smiley Credits
Post by: brynn on August 17, 2015, 07:10:52 AM
Most of the smileys used on this site are Kolobok's, et al (   ( (

A lot are Mazeguy's ( ( (

A lot are Fool's who doesn't have a banner.  But for no other reason, it's worth visiting his site to see the awesome graphic on the homepage.  Apparently it's pixel art, made with a pixel editor, which I was only vaguely aware of.  And ironically as I'm opening this site for Inkscape, pixel art may well become a new passion, lol.  That graphic is just too cool! (

And of course, after a certain point, it starts to become impossible learn who might have created some smileys.  The sites where I've found a lot of these just provide a general disclaimer along with a promise to remove any smiley's which are claimed to be copyrighted.  So I can only pass that along here.  If you hold a copyright on any of the smileys we use here, please let me know, and I'll certainly want to give you proper credit; or I'll remove the smiley entirely, if that's what you want  :D

Thanks to the many talented artists represented by these smileys, for making our forum a little more fun!