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Title: about copyright
Post by: brynn on August 18, 2015, 11:55:19 PM
Hi Friends,
Personally, I'm really kind of a stickler about copyright.  Since laws are different, all over the world, and especially regarding the internet, they are confusing, to say the least; for purposes on this site, we can use some fairly simple concepts, which I think should protect us and our work, and everyone else's.

Remember the Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

(This Golden Rule might be an American phrase, but I'd guess most cultures have some similar version of it.)

Think how you might feel, if someone claimed your work as their own, or used it without giving you credit.  Probably not so good, right?  So if you happen to need to post someone else's image, be sure to give them credit.  The same goes for quotes, if you're quoting from another website. 

And just in case you personally don't care whether someone claims your work or uses it without giving you credit, please offer others the courtesy of giving them credit, while you're on this site.

It's my understanding that artists (or authors) own the products they create, and legally have control over when, where, how and/or why they are used, and/or who uses them.  This is inherent, and doesn't require a formal copyright notice be attached to the product (artwork, article, ec.).  However, as I understand it, a formal copyright notice lends more strength and authority, should any legal claim to copyright become necessary.  So if you feel strongly about your ownership of your work, you may want to consider attaching a formal copyright notice.  (Again my understanding, this consists of your name - copyright symbol © - date.)

Especially regarding artwork on the internet, some people like to use watermarks, to protect their work from being used against their wishes.  To me, watermarks are disfiguring, and totally defeat the purpose of art.  But I guess that's the point -- who would use it with the watermark on it. 

Anyway, as far as this site goes, you're welcome to use a watermark, if you like, on images you might post in a message or tutorial.  As for the gallery, I'd rather you not use a watermark, and instead, put a formal copyright notice in either the title, caption, or metadata.  However, if you feel very strongly about it, and otherwise wouldn't upload your image, go ahead and use a watermark.  While I'd rather not see watermarked images, I'd rather see a watermark, than no image at all   ;-)

So that's all there is to it!

Thank you very much,

PS - If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post a new topic below :)