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Title: coloring books for adults
Post by: brynn on December 27, 2015, 02:58:11 PM
Hi Friends   :wave:
I've seen a couple of news reports lately about some sort of trend where adults, mostly women I guess, get together and color in coloring books for adults.  I don't mean the pron kind of "adult", I just mean full grown women, like housewives. And the designs are usually abstract or geometric patterns, rather than childhood characters (like Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh, e.g.).

Here's a search where you can learn more about it.  It sounds sort of like therapy to me.

Anyway, I doubt if I would ever spend any time doing that myself.  Why bother, when I have Inkscape!  :D  However, I just realized that Inkscape would be a perfect tool to create this kind of drawing -- just line drawings that can be printed and colored in.

I'm actually not sure what kind of project I have in mind.  But I wanted to start a discussion about it and find out if anyone else is interested.  Link to topic I started at Inkscape Community:

If anyone is  interested, let's chat  :)
Title: Re: coloring books for adults
Post by: HeatherM on December 27, 2015, 08:01:12 PM
I don't use coloring books, but I do color images for my cards and I find that it is very therapeutic.  I call it "channeling my inner 4 year old" because I started when my dd was 4  :D.  I definitely think it helps reduce my stress level and apparently there have been studies that have shown that to be true.  I haven't had much time this month to color, and boy is it showing!  So I'm looking forward to a better month next month!
Title: Re: coloring books for adults
Post by: PapaSue on January 08, 2016, 05:12:14 PM
I've done a few, mostly drawings of animals, trees, etc.   A lot of them on the net are zentangles with lots of little shapes to color in.  I never was good at it as a child but using inkscape I can get the designs traced so I can use the paint bucket to color in.  You need to be watchful when you trace as some images do not have closed lines so you have to connect the nodes to get them closed, but it is good practice for using the tools in inkscape.  I have also some books for adult coloring and have scanned the images to convert and color.

Here are some simple ones, not much different than you would find in a childs coloring page.

If someone wants to pick a design that can be shared I'd join in to color it just for grins.  :wink1:
Title: Re: coloring books for adults
Post by: brynn on January 10, 2016, 03:14:45 AM
Oh look, a whole website with coloring pages!  Hhmm.....   0:)  the wheels are turning!

I wasn't suggesting a group coloring session.  I was suggesting that Inkscape would be an excellent tool for creating these designs, for others to color in.

The problem I'm having as I try to create designs to be colored in, is that I end up wasting time actually coloring them in, lol  :b1:  But I'll get better.  When I have some finished designs, I'll post them here, just to show an example (although the internet is apparently full of examples already).

Anyway, at least for the time being, I have a server and could set up a site that offers designs that adults might like to print and color, or maybe even use Inkscape to color.  But that kind of venture would "take a village" as they say -- a lot of people contributing designs.  And the designs would either have to be public domain, or copyrighted to the site.  Although this is really just thinking outloud....

OH!  Another brainstorm -- create coloring books, sell them, and donate profits to Inkscape development!  I wouldn't expect any huge profit....but it's a thought :)
Title: Re: coloring books for adults
Post by: PapaSue on January 11, 2016, 11:43:08 AM
I did a couple from coloring pages.  It involved tracing the image.  I broke it apart and moved the backgroun piece.  You can seclect with the selection tool sections that should be the same , or select an area. Using the color eyedropper you can fill in all the elements at once.  MUCH faster.  I used one completed one as background paper to cut out words...could not think of another use for them anyway.

I'm, attaching a photo and a file of the two designs I played with, both free downloads.

Give it a go and post what you have accomplished and any other tips and tricks for doing it.

Title: Re: coloring books for adults
Post by: PapaSue on January 12, 2016, 04:53:28 PM
A great video on using the paint bucket ( must for doing so many things) comes from Kay Hall (cleversomeday)  check out this video.  I think it wqs posted here at some point but I could not find it.This video will make it alot simpler to capture and fill in the designs.