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Title: New to inkspace, cutting with cricut
Post by: jim cubie on August 06, 2017, 11:39:22 AM
I am new to inkspace which I have switched  to because it produces svg files.  Cricut tech support said a cutting problem I was having would be solved if I use svg files.  I am looking for tutorials or advice relate to using the software with my cricut.  When I look in tutorials none of them appear to be active.  Cany you help with advice?
Title: Re: New to inkspace, cutting with cricut
Post by: brynn on August 07, 2017, 09:04:35 AM

You may recognize me from answering your questions in the other forums  :-)

It might help us to  know which particular problem you were having, for which Cricut has suggested using SVG files.  Then we can give you the proper info.

Yes, the tutorials which are available on this site are somewhat older.  But I've reviewed all of them, and they're all still relevant.  So you can use them without worry.  And if you have any questions about them, just click Reply and ask.  We answer any and all messages that are posted. 

(I think there's an automated message which warns if you are about to post in an old topic.  I've looked and looked for a way to disable that, but so far, I haven't been able to do it.  But you can just ignore it, and post a new reply anyway.)

Besides those on this site, I keep a whole page full of links to tutorials, almost all of which I've reviewed.   You can see the Home tab on Inkscape Community, or here's a direct link: