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Title: Motocross Graphic Templates
Post by: Chaindrive on December 26, 2017, 06:43:47 AM

I am trying to design my motocross graphics and need help with my templates.

I opened my pdf template and removed the background. But how do make it so the sticker surface is the only area that shows graphics?  For example text over flow off the edge of a sticker?

Last if I am going to draw shapes that also overflow I ha e tried using the division tool to eliminate whatever is outside my sticker but it is not working.

I will post some photos to follow as this is hard for me to describe.  Thank you for helping!!
Title: Re: Motocross Graphic Templates
Post by: brynn on December 26, 2017, 10:11:19 PM
Welcome to the forum!

So you're going to make stickers, right?  I'm not familiar with how that works.  Do you use some kind of cutter?  Or do you just print the design onto special sticker paper or something? 

You might not need to do anything.  The templates might be all ready for use.  But we need to know what the process is first.  Well, maybe someone else here knows what you want to do.  But for me, I need a little more info. 

Also, please share the PDF file, so we can look at what it contains.