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Title: may as well give up !
Post by: vickycarol on September 08, 2010, 09:29:22 PM
I have tried and tried to figure out how to take a pic. turn it into a jpeg file and then import it into the inkscape program and make a svg file and then a dxf file so I can cut it with my Silhouette. But I just can't seem to figure it out.  Are there any good video tutorials I can watch to maybe help me learn how to do this?  I can't believe it would be this hard for me to figure it out. But I am not having much luck. Thanks for any advice. Vicky
Title: Re: may as well give up !
Post by: jobab on September 09, 2010, 02:30:21 AM
Hi Vicky

Have you looked at Carolyns tutorials (" onclick=";return false;)
Once i have a jpeg file or a bitmap file I open in inkscape and either do a bitmap trace... Path menu -trace bitmap
or a manual trace using the bezier tool. Save them as svg or dxf.
I don't have a silhoutte and cut directly from inkscape with my cougar.
I am sure someone who uses a silhouette will be along with some better advise.

Title: Re: may as well give up !
Post by: Butterfly on September 09, 2010, 08:06:13 AM
Oh Don't Give Up!  :ugeek:  Once you get it figured out the rewards are worth all the time and effort you have spent
Title: Re: may as well give up !
Post by: Silvertip on September 09, 2010, 09:38:31 AM
Oh please don't give up.  I think everyone one has gone thru this.  It is so very frustrating in the begininng.  Terms and instructions, that you don't even begin to understand.  I swear when I started I put it away for over 2 months because I was so frustrated.  But I promise, one day something will click you will understand and it will be smoother sailing from there on out.  What is it you are trying to bring in and what file format is it in.  That could be a problem if you can't save it as a jpeg or a format ink won't use.
Title: Re: may as well give up !
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on September 09, 2010, 03:20:48 PM
Hi Vicky,

Did you follow the two tutorials I sent you a while ago? Unfortunately there is not one easy method for tracing and it depends greatly on the original file. Two of the files you showed me do need manual tracing and that takes lots of practice to learn but is worth the effort. I think you are finding it difficult as you are trying to learn to much too fast.

I found manual tracing difficult but that was partly because I was always in a hurry and wanted instant results. I know the bulldog image you had was time consuming to manual trace. Suzan will confirm how time consuming manual tracing can be, can't you? I started by learning to trace simple images to learn the basics. After you learn the basics it really does get easier. I think you will find most members will agree that it does get easier.

If you are cutting vinyl for customers who are sending you an image it gives you very little time to create and then cut the file. You need a very clear image to make the tracing process easier. While you are still learning it would be better if your customers would send you black and white images, as they are the easiest to trace. If you have blurry images or embroidery images they are much harder.

Did you look at the tracing links shown on the site cleversomeday? One of the first decisions you need to make is which method of tracing will be best for the project.

Also, you said you convert the files to dxf. Have you tried cutting directly from Inkscape? You may find it makes the process easier as you will have one less step to cut your projects.

Don't give up, it really will get easier. It just takes practice and patience to learn. I think you will find most of us have been in the same situation and just wanted to give up. When I get like that I leave the project for a while and don't try to do it in one session.
Title: Re: may as well give up !
Post by: Angel13 on September 09, 2010, 03:52:29 PM
Hi Vickycarol

Have you looked at the tutorial on cutting from Inkscape covered in the Silhouette/Craft Robo section on this forum, and also the step by step pictorial on jpeg conversion to an SVG file format. I remember doing a bulldog design trace for you as well and I did think at the time that it was rather a little ambition because the design was not that clear. If you import a jpeg into Inkscape and choose Path/Trace Bitmap and in the panel that comes up choose update and you can usually see an image that will give you an idea of whether you will get a good trace or not........Keep trying you will get there.....