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Title: Newbie Needs Help....
Post by: KimberlyRae on November 03, 2010, 01:18:13 PM
I'm trying to cut some pieces for my youngest son's 7th bday coming up this month. I just got my FIRST cutter the eCraft.

I have a svg bowling ball, pin and stripes separated. So I brought the svg into Inkscape and ungrouped them.
That allowed me to focus on the bowling ball.  

Then, I made it the only thing on the cutting area.,saved it and brought it into my eCraft Pro software.

I filled the page with all my bowling balls and I thought that's all there was to it.

Well--the cutter cuts around Each circle Twice! then it got to the second ball and it hung there...arggg

I tried designing the bowling ball in the eCraft sw itself and no go.  the circles won't scale down small enough for the holes.


I don't know how to design one in's not like photoshop cs3 at all!

Title: Re: Newbie Needs Help....
Post by: Technomum on November 03, 2010, 03:54:18 PM
Hi Kimberley.  I am afraid I know absolutely nothing about the e-Craft or its software but when cutting svg files some software needs it to be in either fill or outline NOT both.   To see if this will help I attach a few bowling balls I have drawn for you, some filled and some outline only, that you might like to try.  I have read there are bugs in the software program but I don't know how bad they are or whether there has been an update recently and I don't know whether that will be relevant to your problem.

I am not sure if we have any eCraft cutters on the forum yet - you may be the first :D.  If we have I am sure they will step in and help.

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