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Title: Print and Cut Inkscape
Post by: PapaSue on February 18, 2011, 05:14:05 PM
Good rainy evening in NORCAL.

I've been playing with print and cut in SCAL from an Inkscape image and using background papers I created in Inkscape.

I was wondering if you all who don't use SCAL or MTC can print and cut from Inkscape.  Here is the layout for SCAL ... 18&t=18720 (

Now if I give you an Inkscape doc I'm wondering if you can print/cut from it.  Here is the .jpg of the file in Inkscape.  It is a little different pattern than the one I used for SCAL.

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Let's discuss the viability of doing this....if you care.
Title: Re: Print and Cut Inkscape
Post by: Angel13 on February 19, 2011, 10:40:40 PM
Hi PapaSue

I've pretty much given up on trying Print and Cut frpm Inkscape for my Silhouette, we did have a trial and error session in this post
usually if I decide to do a Print and Cut I use the old Robomaster software. I have yet to try the New Studio Silhouette software for Print and Cut, since the latest update which is suppose to have solved the offset problem that was occuring with the cutting....
Title: Re: Print and Cut Inkscape
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on February 20, 2011, 03:35:31 PM
Hi Susan, I successfully do print and cut projects. I use Sign Cut instead of SCAL and it is has inbuilt features specifically for print and cut projects. For any of us using Sign Cut, we have to print the image first and then either close that layer or delete the image as images cause Sign Cut to crash.

Do you print an entire page of your pattern? Have you had much success doing print and cut?

I haven't been doing any cutting for a while as the humidity levels have been consistently above 70% and the temperature has been in the mid 30's (that is in the 90's if talking Fahrenheit). Paper and cardstock do not cut well with that much moisture in the air. A cool change is apparently on the way and I should be able to start cutting again.