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Title: Need help
Post by: DebbieGall on April 03, 2011, 08:30:21 PM
Hello My name is Debbie I live in Texas, and Ink scape has me completely baffled.
I have watched a ton of you u tube tutorials and still cant figure it out.
I get just so far making something and every thing locks up and I have to close the program and start over.
and it still seems to have the settings that got me into trouble in the first place.
for example right now when I put a star in the page it is a very light grey color that I can barely see how do I get it darker?
with out filling it?
or how do I reset every thing?
Title: Re: Need help
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on April 04, 2011, 03:58:12 PM
Hi Debbie and welcome,

There a quiet a few different ways it can be changed. I imagine you have a thin line with no solid colour fill, like my example on the left. If you look at the lower left of your Inkscape screen it will show the stroke line, stroke width and fill colour of any object selected.

The object to be changed must be selected first before doing any of the following.

If you want to change the line colour (called Stroke in Inkscape) two of methods I use the most are either hold down the shift key on the computer keyboard and select a colour from the colour palette or right click on the selected colour and select the option Set Stroke.

If you want to add or change the solid fill colour just select a colour from the palette. Screenshots below.

Stroke width, below it is shown in the screenshot, my example is 0.5px. One way to increase the width is to right click on the number and more sizes will be available to choose from. Just remember it will not cut that thick and it is only a visual wider stroke line.
[attachment=0:3eljxzrj][/attachment]stroke and fill.JPG[/attachment:3eljxzrj]
Title: Re: Need help
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on April 04, 2011, 07:06:32 PM
Debbie, I think it was you who asked about a missing tutorial. I cannot find the post now.

I found the tutorial on my computer and will add the file here. It was removed as I only wrote the instructions for the longer method of changing Fill and Stroke. At the time of writing the steps I was unaware there were easier ways until a forum member let me know (I think it was inkypinky). I only have the PDF version of my instructions so it is not so easy to change. My answer to your question about the light grey stroke line happens to be the bit missing from the PDF form.
Title: Re: Need help
Post by: DebbieGall on April 04, 2011, 09:42:46 PM
Thank you Carolyn I appreciate your help.