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Title: Machines
Post by: Aussie Carolyn on May 16, 2011, 09:03:43 PM
Hi Everyone, I know many members on this forum are Cricut owners and are currently looking for new machines after Provo Craft sued the makers of MTC and SCAL software. I own four different machines and have never owned a Cricut so I do not know the full details. All I know is many owners are looking for new machines to have freedom to design and cut their own files.

As our forum is about the program Inkscape and members here own many different machines I don't want to upset any members. I have already seen problems arise on another forum as people argued which machine was the best. To prevent any problems can I please ask all members who are looking for new machines not to ask on this forum? We all have different needs and incomes that will come into play when choosing.

Feel free to contact any members privately to ask questions. Most members have the machines they own listed in their signature.

We have to pay to run this forum and we wish to keep it free for members to source any relevant information regarding Inkscape. The forum is not to be used for gaining sales in any format. If anyone advertises or promotes any other machine those posts will be removed. If you own a website and sell items you are welcome to place the site in your signature but are not permitted to promote your site.

Here is a list of machines I know of that are marketed for paper crafts. The following list is in alphabetical order.
Please contact me privately to add any machines I may have missed on my list.
Black Cat sell the Cougar and Lynx
Boss Kut sell the Gazelle
Craftwell sell the E-Craft
Graphtec America sell the Silhouette
KNK sell the Groove-e and the Maxx
Pazzles sell the Inspiration
Sizzix sell the E-clips
Craft Robo the company has been bought out by Silhouette America so see Silhouette for further information.
Some people who only want to cut vinyl and thinner materials are using machines that are made for the vinyl cutting market.

Jin at Under a Cherry Tree has quiet a bit of information about other machines and can be found here ... tters.html ( You will find reviews from owners, sample cuts, prices and links to the main website for each machine listed on Jin's website. Note - not all machines I listed above are mentioned but many are.

Here are two machine comparison charts. I have listed two comparison charts as neither one lists all the machines. ... ackCat.htm ( ... 12008.html (

To anyone who is buying a new machine or has recently bought a new one, I hope you have fun cutting. Remember all new machines will involve a bit of learning but will give you a new found freedom.