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Title: weird offset in vertical direction in InkCut
Post by: holly.gates on May 26, 2011, 07:27:04 AM
Hello all, I've got a strange problem when trying to use InkCut with our CraftROBO ProS (CE-5000-40-CRP). I've installed the extension and I know the cutter works. The issue is when I go from my drawing to InkCut via Extensions->Cutter/Plotter, my objects get moved around in the preview. They seem to still be the right size themselves, just arranged differently. Some things are spaced correctly, but others are not.

In the attached files, the red gear tooth shaped line and the black circles come from a DXF import. Its all ungrouped, and all 1 pixel stroke width with no fills. It does the same thing even if I switch all paths to the same layer and make them all black.

I did figure it out I think so I thought I would post something here in case other people have the same issue. Probably not to be considered a bug, but just didn't make sense to me how the extension was operating to begin with. Turns out you have to select everything and do Path->Break Apart. Also confusing is that if you only select some objects, they will then end up at the wrong place on the page. The only way to keep different things aligned is to have a feature like an alignment mark in the lower left that you send with every set of objects. In other words InkCut is putting whatever you send it at an origin, not where Inkscape shows it on the page. This makes it annoying to do multiple layers on the same page and have them line up, for instance one with pen, one with knife.

Also, to get it to come out on the actual page where you put it in Inkscape, you have to use the Position dialog in the lower left of the main InkCut screen and set it to the location of the lowermost left feature you are about to sent. For some reason, it adds an extra 4mm in both X and Y, so for instance if your registration mark was at 20mm X, 20mm Y, you would set position to 1.6cm X, 1.6cm Y. Then assuming the pen origin on the plotter is at the actual lower left of the page (not the usual case) it would come out on the page at the right place.
Title: Re: weird offset in vertical direction in InkCut
Post by: Angel13 on May 26, 2011, 09:15:08 AM
Hi Holly

Q1.What Inkscape version are you using? Q2. I'm not really experienced with the Craft Robo Pro's software, is it not different from the main Robomaster software? Q3. Are you doing a Print and Cut or just a cut?

And before I forget...Welcome to the Inkscape forum, hope you manage to find lots of helpful info.........
Title: Re: weird offset in vertical direction in InkCut
Post by: holly.gates on May 26, 2011, 09:56:32 AM
Thanks for the reply Angel13. I'm using Inkscape 0.48.1 r9760 with Inkcut 1.0, on Fedora 14 (linux). The Robomaster software doesn't run on linux; might through Wine, but I like the idea of going straight from Inkscape. This would be for sort of an print and cut, but more like doing one layer with pen, then the second layer with the cutter (and I want them to line up). I can use the reg marks, but I guess what I found is that I need the reg marks on every layer. Seems annoying to have to run the cutter over the reg marks just to get the layers to line up...