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The Future of this Forum:

The Inkscape Project opened its first official forum on its website this month (August 2019). https://inkscape.org/forums/ In an effort to combine all the different forums into one, this forum will no longer be accepting new members or new messages. However, it will remain open for a little while, for existing members, to have access to their contents, if they need them.

Any potential new members should register on the new forum, and post their message there. There is a special board for questions about using Inkscape for cutting machines (of all kinds). (https://inkscape.org/forums/cutplot/)

If you have any questions or comments (and you're an existing member) you can post them here.

Although I've been planning to put this forum in read-only mode, at the time of this transition, unfortunately, my personal circumstances have changed, and I won't be able to host this forum much longer. I'm not sure about the time frame. It could be as soon as the end of 2019, or as long as a year from now. If anyone is interested in taking it over, please contact me.

-- brynn

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Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on December 08, 2019, 11:53:38 AM »
Hi Friends,
I have an update and another alternative for saving the tutorials here.

First, this site will be closed the end of January 2020.  (This is a financial decision for me.)  So far, no one has volunteered to take over, but Kirsten just reminded me of another alternative.

The Wayback Machine is a website which archives other websites.  It still is free to use (although at the moment they are pushing heavily for donations).  If there are any specific tutorials that anyone wants to save, here's how you can do it:

  • Locate the tutorial in the forum.
  • Copy the address out of the browser address bar.
  • Go to this website:  Wayback Machine
  • Find the little section that says Save Page
  • Paste the address that you copied into the search field there.
  • Click the Save Page button.
  • It might take a few minutes, depending on which options you select.

Note that I'm having some trouble doing this myself.  For some reason, the attachments to the forum messages aren't being saved in the Wayback version of the pages.  I don't have time to investigate at the moment.  But hopefully we can get it worked out pretty soon.

Anyway, if we can work out this little glitch, this would be a good way to save the best of the tutorials.  Especially if people have a list of their favorites, they will be easier to find.

If anyone wants to help troubleshoot, let me know.  I'm hoping by the end of this week I can focus more on this.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by Kirstie on August 16, 2019, 05:06:27 AM »
Hi Brynn,

Thank you for asking and my apologies for my slow reply.

The Dutch website is https://www.cursusinkscape.nl/. It is only one page at the moment, because I am working on the course itself now.
I will sell it myself from that page, because the Netherlands are not so big  :).
I have an older blog, which is https://basiscursusinkscape.wordpress.com/.
People can ask questions there in Dutch too.

It is sad that you wil have to stop the website because of finances.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on July 18, 2019, 11:03:26 PM »
Are you going to have the course on the internet somewhere?  If so, I'll put a link to it on my huge listing of tutorials and manuals, on my other website:  https://forum.inkscapecommunity.com/index.php

Or if it's going to be published, I could put a link to wherever you're going to sell it (like maybe Amazon?).

However, it now looks like I might have to close both sites, due to an upcoming change in personal circumstances (financial).  So if you know anyone, or if you want to take over the site, let me know.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by Kirstie on July 12, 2019, 08:08:22 AM »
Hi Brynn,
Reading your posts on this forum, well I have to thank you for all your work, both here and on other internet pages where I saw your name.
I don't have a cutter or plotting machine, so I don't know if the answers here are still up-to-date.

Here I am still workinging on a Dutch course, as I mentioned somewhere on inkscapecuttingdesign.
This is what I found: there are many fablabs who have specific instructions available on their own wiki pages, for users working with their machines.
But besides that, there is not much information about Inkscape and plotting, online nor in books.


Would you like to have me send you a digital copy of my course, when it is finished?
It will not be open source and free, but it will open up Inkscape to a bigger group of people who do not understand all the English tutorials.
There are a lot of pictures and some videos, all in Dutch.
But hey, google translate has become very good, so you will be able to understand it.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on May 25, 2019, 08:09:38 PM »
I just need to do a little research.  But if it will work, it will be much less of a bother than keeping the software updated.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by HeatherM on May 24, 2019, 02:13:59 PM »
They should still be useful, unless they have removed things from newer versions?  I think read-only would be great, unless it's too much of a bother.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on May 23, 2019, 07:54:48 PM »
Thanks for your comments, Heather  :)

Do you think the tutorials here are still relevant?  Most of them are written with versions of Inkscape that are fairly old by now.  And I would assume the cutter softwares have probably advanced as well.

I'm happy to keep this forum online and searchable, if it's wanted.  But keeping the software up to date is a bit of a pain, considering there hasn't really been much activity.  But I'm pretty sure I could put it in read-only mode.  Then I wouldn't have to keep the software up to date.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by HeatherM on May 21, 2019, 08:26:41 PM »
I think the tutorials are an excellent resource since they are geared towards creating cutting files rather than images and I would hate to have them disappear.  I know that when I was first learning Inkscape so many of the YouTube tutorials weren't completely appropriate for cutting.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on May 15, 2019, 09:58:01 PM »

Well, it's taken longer than I thought, but we finally have an opening "date" (more like "month") for the new forum, which is August 2019.  Once it opens, I've decided to just block new registrations in this forum.  That will force Inkscape support to the new forum (because I'll be doing the same thing in my other Inkscape forum).

Existing members will still be able to use this forum, so they have access to their contents, if they need it.  I'm not sure how long I'll leave it open.  Does anyone have any thoughts or needs or comments about keeping the forum open?

Since there haven't been any comments from the original message, I guess no one really is interested anymore.  If there aren't any comments over the next....maybe 6 months, I'm considering just closing this forum entirely.

If anyone would prefer keeping it, but in read-only mode, I'd be happy to do that.  Just speak up and let me know  :)

Also please feel free to post any comments or questions about the new forum here.  I'll post a link to it, when the opening gets closer.
Help Using Inkscape / Re: getting Inkscape to work with Trotec MiniManager (Rayjet)
« Last post by Kirstie on February 04, 2019, 07:20:07 AM »
Hai Dinosaur,
Do you know this specific forum:
http://www.laserengraverforum.com. Maybe there is someone there who knows the answer.

I wish I had a Trotec to try, but I don't  :(.

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