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The Future of this Forum:

The Inkscape Project will open its first official forum, on the Inkscape website, this August (2019). (Address/link will be provided at that time.) When that happens, new registrations will no longer be allowed in this forum and Inkscape support will be provided in the new forum. This forum will still be open for a while, so that existing topics can be finished, and existing users can have access to their contents. But all potential new members should register on the Inkscape website, and post their questions in the new forum, starting in August. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them here.

Since there haven't been any new messages for so long, and no one has ever replied to this message of mine I'm considering closing this forum entirely, in approx 6 months. If anyone has any comments about that, please feel free to post them.

-- brynn

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Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on May 23, 2019, 07:54:48 PM »
Thanks for your comments, Heather  :)

Do you think the tutorials here are still relevant?  Most of them are written with versions of Inkscape that are fairly old by now.  And I would assume the cutter softwares have probably advanced as well.

I'm happy to keep this forum online and searchable, if it's wanted.  But keeping the software up to date is a bit of a pain, considering there hasn't really been much activity.  But I'm pretty sure I could put it in read-only mode.  Then I wouldn't have to keep the software up to date.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by HeatherM on May 21, 2019, 08:26:41 PM »
I think the tutorials are an excellent resource since they are geared towards creating cutting files rather than images and I would hate to have them disappear.  I know that when I was first learning Inkscape so many of the YouTube tutorials weren't completely appropriate for cutting.
Forum Issues, News, Announcements / Re: the future of this forum
« Last post by brynn on May 15, 2019, 09:58:01 PM »

Well, it's taken longer than I thought, but we finally have an opening "date" (more like "month") for the new forum, which is August 2019.  Once it opens, I've decided to just block new registrations in this forum.  That will force Inkscape support to the new forum (because I'll be doing the same thing in my other Inkscape forum).

Existing members will still be able to use this forum, so they have access to their contents, if they need it.  I'm not sure how long I'll leave it open.  Does anyone have any thoughts or needs or comments about keeping the forum open?

Since there haven't been any comments from the original message, I guess no one really is interested anymore.  If there aren't any comments over the next....maybe 6 months, I'm considering just closing this forum entirely.

If anyone would prefer keeping it, but in read-only mode, I'd be happy to do that.  Just speak up and let me know  :)

Also please feel free to post any comments or questions about the new forum here.  I'll post a link to it, when the opening gets closer.
Help Using Inkscape / Re: getting Inkscape to work with Trotec MiniManager (Rayjet)
« Last post by Kirstie on February 04, 2019, 07:20:07 AM »
Hai Dinosaur,
Do you know this specific forum:
http://www.laserengraverforum.com. Maybe there is someone there who knows the answer.

I wish I had a Trotec to try, but I don't  :(.

Community Chat and Introductions / Re: Hello from the Netherlands
« Last post by brynn on February 03, 2019, 05:38:27 AM »
I'm sure you're guide will be helpful.  Let me know when it's ready, and I'll list it on this page where I keep all the best manuals and tutorials:  http://forum.inkscapecommunity.com/index.php
Discuss Ongoing Projects (Work in Progress) / Re: Font for CNC
« Last post by brynn on February 03, 2019, 05:34:29 AM »
Welcome to the forum!

Can you explain what you mean by "millable font"?  Do you want to cut the letters completely out of whatever material you're using?  Or etch the letters into the material?  Or something else?
Community Chat and Introductions / Re: Hello from the Netherlands
« Last post by Kirstie on February 03, 2019, 05:28:45 AM »
Hi Brynn,

Thank you for explaining about the 3 forums.
This course that I am writing is really a complete beginner's guide in Dutch. But I couldn't resist adding some information about plotting and lasercutting.
And no, I don't have a cutting device, but maybe that is gonna change. I do have an old-school scalpel :D.

In fablabs people often assume that Inkscape is easy to understand, but it is not for real beginners.
That is why I will explain some things for beginners about fablabs, and where to look for information.
Discuss Ongoing Projects (Work in Progress) / Font for CNC
« Last post by edge0xc on February 02, 2019, 04:28:58 AM »

i really need your help: For a project, i need a font, which is "millable". Therefore i used fontforge to create a new font. I installed it with windows 10 but i got a strange behaviour. Please have a look at the screenshot. Does anybody have a "millable" font?

Community Chat and Introductions / Re: Hello from the Netherlands
« Last post by brynn on February 01, 2019, 09:35:45 PM »
Welcome to the forum!

Yes, this one will become read only, so that all the wonderful tutorials will still be available.  But there are still currently 2 other Inkscape forums, which can help with any kind of cutting issue.

The community's goal is to have just one forum, which is almost ready to be opened.  The other 2 will eventually close (or divert traffic to the new one), and then we will finally have one official Inkscape forum.

Since you posted in this cutting design forum, does that mean your course is about using Inkscape for digital cutting, or some particular cutter brand?
Community Chat and Introductions / Hello from the Netherlands
« Last post by Kirstie on February 01, 2019, 07:14:18 AM »
Hello fellow Inkscapers. My name is Kirstie and I am writing a course about Inkscape in Dutch.
That is how I ended up on this forum.

I have used Inkscape for several years now, mostly for drawings and illustrations.
Did I read correctlythat it will become a read-only forum?
Well that is a pity, but it is still very interesting.
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