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Title: [size=?] tags, or giant text
Post by: brynn on August 15, 2015, 02:42:58 PM
Hi Friends,
When converting a forum from one kind of software to another, like we did, there are always lilttle issues to deal with, here and there.  For us, a couple of those are:

Size tags

If you see something that looks like [size=150]some text[/size] in either your own old messages, or in your signature, that can be easily fixed.  I will try to fix as many as I can find, but in a forum with nearly 3,000 members, I can't possibly find them all.  So here's how to fix.

Go into edit mode, for either that message, or into your profile to edit your signature, and just delete "[size=150]" and "[/size]".  What those leftover tags mean, is that  you had originally configured that text to be larger or smaller than the default.  You can do that with this forum too.

1 - Select the text
2 - Among the buttons above the message editor, click the "Font Size" dropdown menu
3 - Choose what size you want

As a general guideline, size 10 font is the default size.  So to go larger, choose a higher number than 10, or lower, choose a lower number.  If you would like it to be inbetween 2 values (for example, between 12 and 14) you can type in 13, in the text area.

First you have to choose a size from the dropdown menu, even though it's not exactly what you want.  You'll notice that in the text area, it automatically wrote "[size=x]some text[/size]".  Where the x is, will be whatever option you chose from the dropdown list.  Just highlight and change it to the number you want (in our example, would be 13).

You can use the Preview button to check and see if it looks the right size.  Note that for signatures, text can be no larger than 15 pt.

Giant Text

I haven't been able to figure out what triggered it, but here and there, throughout the forum, are some messages where the text has become giant (really giant!).  I'll try to fix as much as I can find, but if you happen to notice any of your own messages like that, just edit them yourself.

Thanks  :D