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The Future of this Forum:

The Inkscape Project will open its first official forum, on the Inkscape website, this August (2019). (Address/link will be provided at that time.) When that happens, new registrations will no longer be allowed in this forum and Inkscape support will be provided in the new forum. This forum will still be open for a while, so that existing topics can be finished, and existing users can have access to their contents. But all potential new members should register on the Inkscape website, and post their questions in the new forum, starting in August. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them here.

Although I've been planning to put this forum in read-only mode, at the time of this transition, unfortunately, my personal circumstances have changed, and I won't be able to host this forum much longer. If anyone is interested in taking it over, please contact me.

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Author Topic: Before You Post Your First Message/Forum Rules  (Read 5043 times)

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Before You Post Your First Message/Forum Rules
« on: August 16, 2015, 01:47:00 PM »
Hi Friends,

Welcome to Inkscape for Cutting Design!

We don't have a lot of complicated and detailed rules here (except as regard tutorials) and except for what you read and agreed to when you registered (reminder).

The 1st and most important rule in this forum, is BE POLITE.  As long as we are polite, we don't have need for countless specific rules.  Anyone may state any opinion they may have, as their own opinion.  Direct personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Tip:  To help avoid misunderstandings, you may want to use the words "in my opinion" or the internet shorthand "imo" or "imho" (in my humble opinion").

The 2nd most important:

If the first message you post isn't directly about Inkscape, digital cutting/plotting, or otherwise related to this forum, or vector graphics, you risk being banned.

The reason for this is that many spammers, or others with malicious intent, will post as many frivolous or innocuous messages as (they think) they need, to gain access to parts of the forum, from which they are otherwise restricted.  Examples:  "Hey, I like it here, man." or "Cool, dude!"  Members who post any such message, as the very first message they post, will be put on a watch list, and their message will be disapproved.  After 3 such attempts, they will be banned.

Following are just some suggestions to make it easier A) for us to help you, or B) for you to help others.
Asking for Help
  • Please write a title that describes the problem.  Messages with titles like "Help!!!!!!!!!!!!" may well be ignored.
  • Please try to solve the problem on your own, as much as possible.  Here are Inkscape FAQs. And here are Tips to Try and Solve Your Inkscape Problem on Your Own.  When you write your message, please tell us what you've tried and the results.
  • Please try to write in sentences and paragraphs, including proper punctuation (commas, periods, capitalize 1st word of a sentence, etc.) and as correct spelling as possible.  Text messaging lingo makes it hard for us to understand you.
  • Describe the problem with as much detail as possible.  If it's hard to describe, please provide an illustration.  This can be a screenshot of the problem and/or a link to an image showing what you mean, and/or what your goal is. How to Make a Screenshot and Put it in a Message.
  • If you're using Inkscape on a different operating system than you're using to post this message, please tell us what it is, along with your Inkscape version.
  • Please be polite and patient.  Sometimes it might take a few exchanges of replies before we either understand the problem correctly, or find the best solution for your circumstances.  (This is especially true if one of us is translating from their native language.)

Offering Help
  • If you see that a message is the first from a new member, please offer them at least a simple "welcome".
  • Please try to use the same language that the manual uses for the various Inkscape tools, features, techniques, etc. as much as possible.
  • Please be polite and patient, especially with new Inkscape users.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy the forum  :D
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