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Author Topic: Inkcut cant find cutter  (Read 2436 times)

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Inkcut cant find cutter
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:49:22 AM »

We are a packaging based company with lots of things to cut. We have recently installed Inkscape and Inkcut on Lubuntu(as Ubuntu is a bit heavy for the PC i am using).
We use a SilverBullet Proffesional Series (24icnh) and although it comes with SureCutsALot when buying it, it seems to give really big errors while cutting(position and size errors) so we want to know if the softweare(scal) might be causing the errors and as inkcut is the only free cuting softweare i see it as the only otpion to see if the errors reocur.
The current problem is that inkcut is not conecting to the cutter, although i have set the BaudRate as iti is in the machine (as to the rest of the settings i do not even know where to inquire about them). It’s the first time we use that softweare (Inkscape and Inkcut and also first time using Linux System) and there might be a lot of things i am missing but i can not figure it out.