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Author Topic: New to Inkscape, need help transferring image from Inkskape to LXi program  (Read 2870 times)

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We have just started using Inkscape to create images and are having problems exporting the images to the program for the plotter.  First, when we export the images, they are not vectorized when it gets back to the plotter program, so we have to rasterize it, then vectorize it, and then it showing extremely pixilated, even though it looks good in Inkscape.   We thought if it was in jpg format it would help this, so we downloaded an extension and Image Magick BUT, we don't understand how to complete the process through Image Magick.  Any help or guidance basically on a kindergarten level would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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What steps are you using to create the files?  Also, what file types does your plotter program accept?
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Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you are going to extraordinary efforts!  Unfortunately, your explanation is a bit too vague for us to be able to offer specific suggestions.  But no worries, we'll get there  :)

Let's start from the beginning.  Can you share the SVG file that you are sending to the plotter?  (You can either attach it to your message, or upload it somewhere and give us the link.)  Once we can see that, we will have a better idea what the problem is.

Also, please tell us your Inkscape version and operating system.  And I would echo Heather, and ask what format you need to send to the plotter.
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