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Author Topic: the future of this forum  (Read 435 times)

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the future of this forum
« on: October 27, 2018, 07:43:42 PM »
Hi Friends,
When I adopted this forum a few years ago, I really just wanted to keep it open because some members had expressed that they didn't want to lose the tutorials and other helpful contents.

I was also hoping we might be able to revive it, by providing support for what I think of as more industrial  type cutters, such as CNC and those that use gcode or that are found in those makerspace type of workshops, and etc.  However, doing that would have depended on attracting such users who could actually provide that kind of support (since no one else here already has such knowledge). 

I was able to learn a little bit (about the Inkscape gcode extensions) on my own, by using a cutter simulator.  But we haven't really attracted any users with this kind of knowledge, who have stuck around.  I find myself needing to refer people to the other forums, more and more often, because we don't seem to know the answers here.

Meanwhile, regarding the other Inkscape forums - my other one, Inkscape Community, and the de facto "official" forum, InkscapeForum.com, there is an expected shakeup coming down the road, and I suspect pretty soon (next few months).  The Inkscape project has recently acquired it's own server.  (Yay!)  And the forum community is looking to start a new forum there.  Whether we use the contents of one of the other forums as a starting place, or whether we just start from scratch, we don't know yet.

But in any case, whenever this shakeup happens, I think will be a good time to "retire" this forum, and divert it's traffic to the new official forum, where there either already is (in case we use one of the existing forums to start the new one) or there will be (in case we start the new forum from scratch) a special board for cutter/plotter questions.  So there will still be a place for cutter users to get help.

As for the contents of this forum, rather than just close it down and lose everything, it could be put into read-only mode.  Read-only mode is exactly what it sounds like.  Visitors can still visit and navigate around, copy stuff, and still find all the contents (and I think still click links).  It's just you won't be able to post messages, or even log in.

So I wanted to find out if members are ready to close this forum yet, or whether read-only mode would be preferred?  There is so little activity, it's really not worth the effort to keep it updated anymore.

If you have any comments, please reply  :)
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