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Author Topic: Drawing a Heart or Teardrop Shape  (Read 11335 times)

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Drawing a Heart or Teardrop Shape
« on: March 17, 2011, 05:25:35 PM »
Here is one way to draw a heart.

- Turn on grid.
- Turn on snap to grid.

snap to grid.JPG
*snap to grid.JPG
(63.96 kB . 1184x276)
(viewed 5651 times)

- Draw a basic heart shape. The grid lines make this easier to accomplish.
- Select node edit (left bar, second from top) to have access to the node editing menu.

node edit.JPG
*node edit.JPG
(22.1 kB . 225x300)
(viewed 5309 times)

- Select the heart to be edited.
- Select the nodes on one side, they will turn blue, click on symmetrical nodes on top menu bar as shown.
- Repeat node editing on the opposite side of the heart.
- If you want to colour fill the heart, select the object and click on a colour from the lower colour bar.
- If you want to further edit the heart it is usually better to turn grid off as it makes it easier to manipulate the nodes.
- Save file.

(109.74 kB . 778x471)
(viewed 5921 times)

The same method can be used to draw raindrops and other rounded closed shapes.

(100.43 kB . 831x471)
(viewed 7002 times)

Another way a teardrop shape can be drawn.
- Draw a circle or oval.
- Path>Object to Path.
- Select node edit and turn the top node into a corner node as shown below.

(53.93 kB . 646x446)
(viewed 5865 times)

- Select the new corner node and move it to the desired location. I use guidlines to ensure the top node being relocated stays in-line with the bottom node to give a symmetrical shape. Using guidelines is optional. Another way to move the node and keep it inline is to use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
- If you would like a sharper corner point, highlight the node to be changed and just drag the node handles to change the shape.
- Save file.

(47.49 kB . 651x428)
(viewed 5642 times)

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